Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 19 November 2015

Apart from the filing of the urgent constitutional application news already sent…

Daily Post today has the Shanghai Group completing piling on the Luganville Wharf Project a month ahead of schedule. This is the same project as saw the Public Works Minister Don Ken on Monday outraged at the demolition of two steel bridges worth VT 260 million which were being used on the wharf project. No explanation has been offered.

Radio Vanuatu News began this morning with a complex story concerning the issue of an "illegal licence" to a fishing vessel, the walk-out from a Tuesday meeting with the minister by senior Fisheries staff and an apology. No further explanation was given although an investigation is still to take place and will make use of the police.

Vanuatu and other MSG countries are negotiating a strong trade agreement. Last week Vanuatu representatives were present at a meeting to take the discussions further in Noumea. Radio Vanuatu News said the views of all MSG countries must be co-ordinated by the end of the month.

Kirk Huffman responds to the appalling news of the diabetes type 2 incidence in Vanuatu (we are 6th worst country in the world) today in Daily Post. He urges a return to an active, rural lifestyle based on the consumption of local foods.