Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 27 November 2015

State Office has gone out of its way to respond to the rumours that the Head of State will pardon former MPs. It is the lead item in today’s Daily Post. The matter of pardons for the 14 convicted has not even been considered by President Baldwin Lonsdale and there is no committee formed by Parliament to consider such a matter. The Office of the President will ensure that it accords the respect to the judicial systems at all times and those convicted will serve their time in gaol unless proven by medical grounds or other viable reasons that would allow for pardoning from their sentences.

Post also features John Malon Taleo being appointed Acting Police Commissioner, on page 1 today. Vake Rakau has been removed as Commissioner. Reasons have not been made clear.

The Digest reported yesterday that a case had been filed with the Supreme Court concerning the Opposition allegations that the Council of Ministers (COM) had requested the President to dissolve Parliament a week before many ministers were convicted on the bribery charges. The matter was not filed yesterday. However, it is understood that efforts are being made to have it filed today.

Dalsie Baniala has been appointed the first ni-Vanuatu ICT and Telecoms Regulator. She is the fourth such regulator and holds a much respected educational record and business background. (Daily Post)