Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 30 November 2015

The caretaker Prime Minister has given Radio Vanuatu listeners his views regarding the caretaker Opposition trying to obtain copies of correspondence between the Council of Ministers and State House concerning the dissolution of Parliament which they (Opposition) oppose. The Prime Minister said he had agreed that the Opposition had a right to the information decided upon by the CoM on the day in question (not specified). However, PM Kilman took exception to the Opposition’s Regenvanu seeking further information in the matter directly from State House. Kilman made his anger at such an action quite clear in early morning and noon VBTC bulletins today.

Daily Post has simply reported that the dissolution question is still a matter being challenged. It also has an interesting review item dealing with the 24 Prime Ministers we have had to have in the last 24 years, following the breakdown of the Walter Lini majority VP Government.

Post also records the re-launched Vanuatu Cooperative Federation receiving its first shipment of cargo – one thousand bags of rice from Thailand. After three decades VCF is importing to supply 424 continuing cooperative societies.