Vanuatu Daily News Digest |3 December 2015

Those concerned with the Constitutional case number 822 involving elected MP Kenneth Natapei are presently meeting in chambers in the Supreme Court. The matter is still in conference.

Radio Vanuatu News at lunchtime corrected the morning information concerning an international gift to help Vanuatu recover after cyclone Pam. Russian aid amounting to USD 500,000 has been arranged at the United Nations in New York by our Ambassador, Odo Tevi, and the Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia, at the UN, whose name was given. Ambassador Tevi was reported saying much was still needed to return the economy to a good level and re-build the infrastructure of the country. The now corrected sum allocated will be of considerable assistance.

Caretaker Deputy PM Christophe Emelee has drawn eloquent attention to the vulnerability of Vanuatu to climate change at the Paris COP 21. He concentrated on the El Nino effect as well as cyclone Pam. He spoke of the "anxieties of the people of Vanuatu as they struggle to find drinking water and watch their crops wilt and die." He observed that "scientists have made a strong case that climate change is real and is being caused by human activity. Economists tell us that destitution will ensue with continued fossil fuel subsidies and further investment in carbon-intensive industries…. Why can’t we the world’s leaders move together now to stop this nonsense which does no-one on this planet any lasting good?… Our criticisms and delays are excuses for inaction which undermines our human ingenuity and capacity to develop genuine solutions." (Daily Post)

Radio Vanuatu has the caretaker Minister for Infrastructure and Public Utilities, Don Ken, launching community based contracting on Malekula tomorrow. The Government is now ready to carry out the renovation to the Norsup airport runway and permanently strengthen some main roads on the island. He became very critical of the PWD team on the island, in the news bulletin, insisting they "pull up their socks." He threatened he will take action against those PWD workers who do not pay attention to his warnings.

A campaign to save the dugong will be launched this evening at Chantilly’s at 5.30. It is part of an international effort. It has been mentioned in all reliable news bulletins. Efate has generally scored well in environmental studies as regards the sea cow.