Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 5 December 2015

Yesterday afternoon a Supreme Court conference on the dissolution of Parliament decided that the Dissolution Case will be heard on Thursday 10 December. The former Attorney General, Ishmael Kalsakau, will represent the Head of State. The case has been brought by the former Opposition MPs and the elected MP for Port Vila, Kenneth Natapei, who are represented by Ronald Warsal and Edward Nalyal.

Daily Post today has Caretaker Ministers Don Ken (PWD) and Willie Jimmy (Finance) at loggerheads as to whose nominee is chairman of the board of Airports Vanuatu Limited. Alain Lew has called into question Minister Don Ken’s efforts in the dismissal of the Board of AVL. The dispute seems to hinge on who might be considered the VCCI representative on the Board.

Havo Moli has been sworn in as Foreign Minister (Post yesterday)

Post’s big story today is the VT 230 million payout to ex-MPs in view of the dissolution: their gratuities. The 14 imprisoned MPs also receive this amount. The taxpayer might well question whether they (the 14) are entitled to this amount, and whether they have paid back their million vatu proceeds of the bribe to the legal owner of that money. All ex-MPs were paid the gratuity amount this week. One wonders what will happen if the dissolution is found to be illegal. Bribery is again costing the state dearly as these severance payments cannot have been included in this year’s budget. What has had to go to enable severance?

Planet 107 nightclub of Saby Natonga and Arthur Knight is to close forthwith, the duo being ordered to pay huge outstanding arrears to leaseholder Lesley Mechtler. It is the culmination of a long-running dispute. Planet 107 must cease by December 24. (Daily Post)

Erakor Half Road is enjoying a proper water supply system after a long time without anything like it. (Post)

And Peter Pan School is celebrating 25 years. (Post again)


2 Comments on “Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 5 December 2015”

  1. Bryan Death says:

    With regard to comments on AVL I make to points
    1. Adrian Sinclair is the VCCI Nominee to AVL Board
    2. The AVL Board Chairman is elected by the Board Members not appointed by The Minister. This is in terms of the requirements of the Act


  2. Sue Farran says:

    Let’s hope there is further court action against whoever paid out millions of vatu to the criminals in jail who are no longer MPs and should not be referred to as such. This is a shocking state of affairs and one wonders who ordered the payment. Another case of Vanuatu MPs making sure they line their own pockets rather than turn their attention to the pressing needs of the country. That money could have been used to help cope with the administrative costs of ensuring all eligible voters had voting cards or any other aspect that impacts on the many rather than the self-serving few.