Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 8 December 2015

The news is very much "in brief" today, for various reasons, and may continue thus this week …

Radio Vanuatu has …

The Prime Minister’s Office says the International Anti-Corruption Day is being moved to next year. This was due to be marked tomorrow. The delay is said to be because of late funding arrival.

The Supreme Court sits Thursday to decide on whether the Dissolution of Parliament was correctly done, as already reported in the Digest..

As regards the Bribery Case, Willie Jimmy indicated he would vacate the finance minister position as soon as he received the printed judgement. This follows the Supreme Court enforcing the Leadership Code Act in the matter of those convicted of bribery, and Jimmy.

Daily Post today …

covers the 10-year ban on holding public office for the 15 leaders guilty on the government side when the Supreme Court invoked the Leadership Code Act. There are excellent portrait photos of all 15.

Former Opposition MPs are questioning the legality of the appointments of three new ministers. They claim Samson Samsen (Youth Development) and Havo Moli (Foreign Affairs) swore and signed their oaths after Parliament had been declared dissolved. Government comment was not available.

New Public Works Minister Don Ken was depicted being welcomed by the PM with a cordial handshake. Another report has the Minister and a delegation attending a public meeting at Worlep village and being strongly told by the Acting President of the Provincial Council that Malekula has witnessed many project launchings which never get realized. The delegation was there for the launching of another rural water supply project.