Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 12 December 2015

Malvatumauri President Chief Seni Mau Tirsupe has said the correct processes must be followed in arranging demolition of the cyclone shredded chiefs’ nakamal. There are certain customary steps to be followed. His membership had been greatly assisting. But, he says, reconstruction is now required to be arranged through the Tender Board. This means it is unlikely the nakamal will open by 5 March, National Chiefs’ Day. Chief Seni Mau Tirsupe regrets the delays.

Radio Vanuatu’s Christmas in the Park begins at Saralana at 6 o’clock on Tuesday after a parade involving vehicles and individuals. A keynote address will be given by PM Kilman. The Mayor of Port Vila will be one of the hosts at the occasion.

The holiday season also sees the various political parties vying for the attention of readers of the papers with their announcements of how many candidates they will have contesting the national election on January 22.

Ship owners, freight forwarders and others concerned with the freight and transport industry and wharfage yesterday held a meeting under the auspices of the Chamber of Commerce (VCCI) to discuss a variety of issues confronting the industry. Not much indication of the issues was given.

And that’s about all which can be arranged for the Digest just now. But, gud wiken!