Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 14 December 2015

The only really interesting and stimulating news of today is RAIN: and it’s going to continue.

Radio Vanuatu News had a body being found in the Port Vila harbour, unidentified, and one could imagine it belongs to someone rather over-indulgent.

Daily Post today has the principal Airports Vanuatu chairmen of recent years engaged in a slanging match as to who really is Chairman. "Lew is not AVL Chairman," says Maltock. Lew answers back.

The Port Vila Urban Infrastructure Development Project – PVUDP will make a big improvement in community health and hygiene efforts in suburbs around the capital. Sanitation committees of Ohlen Nabanga, Tokyo, Buninga, Seaside Futuna, Blacksands, Tongariki and Mele will meet with the PVUDP officers soon. These groups have already made certain achievements in reducing certain illnesses and are now likely to receive equipment for public installation on which they have been trained. World Vision Vanuatu, the Solid Waste Management Group and Wan Smol Bag have hugely assisted, Radio Vanuatu News reports.

At the weekend Daily Post explained that the codeshare arrangement enjoyed by Air Vanuatu with Qantas and Air New Zealand remains in doubt whilst the local company restores its IATA membership. This involves restructuring.

Sixteen schools in the north are being taken over by the Anglican Diocese of Vanuatu, Post reported Saturday, in line with the agreement several churches have with the government.

The same paper also reports the Southern Province of New Caledonia extending VT 25 million to the reconstruction works at Montmartre. Rotary and other friends in New Caledonia gave considerable assistance.

Weekend Daily Post also had the Caretaker Public Works Minister Don Ken promising tar sealing of the road from Norsup to Vao. This was one of 6 projects launched by the caretaker minister who was told by locals they were tired of unfulfilled promises. Kampen toktok nomo?

Today’s Daily Post has Caretaker Minister Don Ken promising Northeastern Malekula villages safe drinking water at a turn of the tap.