Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 18 December 2015

4.30 pm today is the closing time for candidacy for the snap national election on 22 January. Daily Post reports 133 candidate application forms given out and reminds intending candidates of the VT 100,000 fee and that any outstanding remittances to government must also be paid by 4.30 today.

Electoral notices have been coming out with super efficiency at all message times on Radio Vanuatu: an essential task of the national broadcaster. It becomes so much more important for a snap election. Different rules apply. The rolls will not be open to anyone who had not already registered and those whose cards were filled need quickly obtain a new one. This certainly applies to Port Vila red card voters who have not missed a poll.

The ATR of Air Vanuatu is presently un-airworthy and needing a new engine from Germany to arrive Monday. It was damaged by what is said to be a "foreign object’" and is on the ground at Santo. Some three days will be needed for the engine replacement and flight testing.

The turnout for the Sanma provincial election is reported as good, but preliminary voting figures have not yet been published.

A letter in Daily Post today indicates that following the statements of the Erakor leaders Sual Kalmary and Timteo Kalmet in Post and on TBV recently, the paramount chief of Erakor is now Chief Kalsaur Kalomtak Bomal VIII.