Vanuatu Daily News Digest 28 December 2015

The Teaching Service Commission has announced that Vanuatu Government registered schools must only employ licensed teachers in 2016. This is covered by the parliamentary law in the matter. Teachers must be so covered before the end of January. Teachers were urged to get themselves suitably licensed quickly.

Official results for this year’s exams will be published on Thursday.

School term dates for next year are February 8 to May 6, 23 May to 19 August and the third term is 5 September to 2 December.

The Australian Government and OGCIO of the Vanuatu Government are increasing computer availability to schools next year in line with the VanGov policy that 98% of the population will have access to the internet by 30 January 2018. The broadcast statement said that 9,000 children will have access to computers in 2016. VT 270 million is said to be required for the schools’ start in the programme. VBTC said nothing about the cost of electrification of all villages to produce the 98% of the population’s accessibility to internet.

The last export statistics show both copra and kava are significantly down on the same period last year. Of course this is because of the ravages of cyclone Pam.

The Port Vila Seafront will not be permitted to be used for events as previously henceforth owing to the Port Vila beautification plan.

Alleged breach of contract by the Government, has allegedly seen VRS in Hong Kong (our residency permission sales company) taking out an action against the Gov’t. More on this tomorrow.