Official notification of candidacy delayed

 Slow reporting from government departments about candidates’ outstanding debts to Government has resulted in delays in the official announcement of candidacy for the snap election only 3 weeks away. Technical Adviser to the Electoral Department, Martin Tete, is showing the same rigorous attention to detail as his head of the department, Fr Charles Vatu, who remains unwell. It is good to see painstaking efforts in trying to clean up Vanuatu’s electoral processes. The official candidacy list was expected to be published late last night, but cross-referencing of outstandings, Treasury to departments concerned, had not been completed. It was intended this could be completed later today. The announcement of candidates will be made in Brodkas Haos – Radio Vanuatu.

The Graon mo Jastis Pati’s John Aru easily won the presidency of the Sanma provincial election on Monday morning, 17 councillors voting for him and just one void vote.

Daily Post today has NISCOL paying out dividends to its share-holders, the northern provinces. This week’s Vila Times also has allegations that NISCOL is owed money by four politicians (including two MPs).

Yesterday, Daily Post reported that Dr Trevor Cullwick had been offered the Chief Surgeon position at Vila Central Hospital, Dr Leona resigning to contest the forthcoming election. That newspaper also reported the suspension of Fisheries Director Kalo Pakoa over failure to require fees of a foreign fishing company before issuing a licence.

And returning to the forthcoming election, the Presidential search for unity seems to be continuing well, with the VP, NUP, GJP, MPP and Hope agreeing to form the next government. Leaders of the Unity Front for Change made the announcement Monday evening after it was seen how their unity could work in the Sanma provincial election. (Daily Post)