PIFS to monitor Vanuatu election; teachers object to VCCI leave proposal

The Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFS) has accepted to send an observer group to monitor the progress of Vanuatu’s snap national election on 22 January, Radio Vanuatu announced this morning. Delegates from Samoa and the Cook Islands have agreed to participate.

Conflicting times have been given in the media for the announcement of the second declaration of candidates. This will be either this evening or tomorrow. For some reason it has been seen to be necessary to have printed a total of 4 million ballot papers for a record total of 28 parties. Many alleged parties have never been heard of before, or were quickly forgotten after their last fleeting appearance. The same goes for individual candidates, there being 41 independents, at least at the time of writing, there being no knowledge of what the second declaration might find.

Ghostbusters: it’s time to deal with Vanuatu’s phantom voters is the first in a series of three papers concerning Vanuatu’s election practices and was sent to you this morning. Your comments are certainly invited.

Daily Post today reports the strong disagreement of the Teachers’ Union to the new leave entitlement proposal of the Chamber of Commerce (VCCI).