Cyclone Ula still a danger for Tafea Province

Main news just given by Radio Vanuatu concerns the proximity of Cyclone Ula to the southern islands of Futuna and Aneityum. This is the cyclone which passed near certain islands of Fiji this week and which, for us, is not maintaining a sufficiently southerly course. Latest information is always available from, together with satellite photography of the area.

There is not a lot of news today other than that which involves candidates in one way or another. There are well-known names of those who have turned to politics, in some cases for yet another try. This site will not be concerned with such stories, simply publishing the names of the second official declaration of candidacy when it is available electronically, which declaration has not yet occurred. Today’s Independent gives details of the already known and named 7 women candidates.

In other news, Daily Post has come out strongly against domestic violence with news of the death of a woman known to many attributed to such a cause and with a serious piece by Mark Bebe, DG Justice Ministry – “Violence against women must be eradicated.”

Radio Vanuatu News this morning began with a long report concerning the dispute between Airports Vanuatu Limited and AVL staff, members of the Vanuatu Workers Union, and the handing over of a report by the Arbitration Board to the Caretaker Minister yesterday. The matter undoubtedly remains with the Arbitration Board and, likely, the next government for resolution.

Daily Post questions inaction over the convictions for reckless and careless driving of the Police Commissioner, John Taleo. He was convicted on 15 December but the Police Service Commission has not taken any decision in the matter the paper reports.

The Independent leads with the story of a “major seabed lease scam” over the Fatumauru Bay seafront from Anchor Inn to Chantilly’s. The signature of the former Lands Minister Ralph Regenvanu has been forged, he told the newspaper, on titles allegedly involving illegal seabed leases.