Video: Tanna traditions triumph after Cyclone Pam

During Cyclone Pam in March 2015, some traditional cyclone houses on Tanna proved more resistant to the super cyclone’s destructive winds than many modern buildings. This video explains why traditional architecture is preferable as a cheap, cyclone-resistant and sustainable form of housing.

Cyclone Pam was a Category 5 cyclone, the highest rating on both the Saffir-Simpson and the Australian cyclone scales. Sustained winds were measured at over 270km/hour, and gusts were recorded at 320km/hour, but were possibly much higher than this over Erromango and Tanna. Meteorologists are still debating whether Cyclone Pam is the first Category 6 cyclone ever recorded.

Filmed on Tanna in December 2015, it features interviews with Chief Jacob Kapere, Director of the Tafea Cultural Centre and Merian Numake of Tanna Evergreen resort.

The video was produced by the University of NSW (Sydney, Australia) and Primal Vision.