PM Kilman suspends senior policeman; HK immigration program a ‘miserable failure’

Caretaker PM Kilman has suspended Supt. Jackson Noal from a very senior position in the Police Force. This occurred less than a week after Noal questioned lack of action concerning the Supreme Court convictions of Police Commissioner Taleo. Noal had written to the Police Service Commission over this matter. Daily Post reported the suspension this morning and yesterday covered the Caretaker PM’s Office investigating what is said to be an impersonation of the caretaker PM on the Facebook page of Yumi Toktok Stret.

The caretaker PM is also reported in Post today as saying the country is ending the financial year with “the biggest fiscal surplus ever recorded in Vanuatu history.” This occurred despite cyclone Pam and the much publicised Capital Investment and Immigration Programme called CIIP which Kilman said “failed miserably to meet its legal requirements contained under the signed agreement.”

Radio Vanuatu News reported this morning the CPM handing over a television licence to the Digicel company to provide television through the internet.

The Meteo Department has suggested El Niño may ease by mid-2016. This is definitely good news, as is the forecast for today of likely showers.


One Comment on “PM Kilman suspends senior policeman; HK immigration program a ‘miserable failure’”

  1. Nick Howlett says:

    Is the reported surplus “despite” Cyclone Pam, or “because of it”? How much of the funds that came into the country from countries, civil society and individual donors has been actually been spent? Is there an account of this somewhere?