Looking to the big J for justice; Police Commissioner Taleo fined for driving offences; new doctors return

The Graon mo Jastis Pati – GJP – is doing a lot to bring to everyone’s attention the deficiencies in the services which relate to law and order and the judicial system. As far as your editor-at-large can tell, GJP is the only party running a daily-updated website. Having previously established a legal framework for land law reform (the ‘G’ of GJP) now the Party is looking to the big J – justice. The GJP website says the party wants the justice system seriously enforced to bring the country to a state of good governance and transparency which will see a massive cutting down of the festering corruption. GJP is also strongly against corrupt practices in the selling of citizenship of which we are experiencing a tsunami. Find out more on their website.

The Melanesian Progressive Party – MPP – is against dual citizenship which it sees as a means of allowing corruption to escalate. A commentary on this will be published here in coming days.

The Police Commissioner, John Taleo, was fined vt15,000 for careless driving and vt20,000 for reckless driving yesterday. In taking care of a situation of ongoing inability for any commissioner to unify the uniformed forces and command discipline, the Caretaker Prime Minister, himself a former commissioner, was yesterday reported as suspending a well-known leading superintendent, Jackson Noal, for questioning why nothing had been done regarding Taleo’s offences. Now something has been done. The general public hopes a new government might be in a position of strength to underscore reforms in the way the Police Service Commission works, putting mutinies, and even hijacking of heads of state, into the history books.

In non-electoral news we have members of the Vanuatu Teachers’ Union this weekend telling Daily Post’s Anita Roberts teachers will not apply for a teaching licence if severances remain unsettled. They demand a policy statement from government. Quite right.

And really good news to end … Eighteen new doctors have returned from their studies in Cuba, Fiji and China and gave their Hippocratic oaths this week. Now here is a level of service we’d like all election candidates to have demonstrated: rather than an ability to send noisy motorcades of youth round and round to annoy us all.