How to vote in the 2016 Vanuatu General Election

"One person can make a difference, and everyone should try" —John F. Kennedy

We’re not going to actually tell you who to vote for, of course… but in the interests of all of Vanuatu’s people, please:

  1. Don’t vote for politicians like the criminal ex-MPs currently in prison.

    Their kind have failed this country and its people. We can do much better. We need leaders, not takers — vision, not greed.

  2. Vote in the national interest, not your own personal interest.


This is Vanuatu’s chance for a fresh start —

will you help?


3 Comments on “How to vote in the 2016 Vanuatu General Election”

  1. Kiki Bule says:

    How do we define “national interest” in Vanuatu politics? Did the whole nation agree on a strategic to become a national interest or leaders are just using national interest for their own benefit. May be if people understand what the actual concept of national interest would give some good impact


    • dailyvanuatu says:

      Excellent point Kiki. Of course, what the ‘national interest’ is (and should always be) subject to much disagreement and debate. But more generally, it is easy to find areas that most people would agree are ‘in the national interest’ — health, education, evidence-based public policy-making, for starters. And of course not using public office as a selfish get-rich scheme for yourself and your cronies.


  2. Lionel Tom says:

    Nice comment, vote a person who is a leader not a robber; a leader who has vision and heart to develop his country and upgrade the life of his people and not a robber who can steal from his country and people’s resources.