Video: 1981 documentary ‘Yumi Winim Fridom’, an historic record of the struggle for Vanuatu’s independence

While we wait for voting to finish today, here’s an historic film that helps to contextualize democracy in Vanuatu, and also to remind us why this is so precious.

Yumi Winim Fridom is a 1981 documentary that follows the people of the New Hebrides as they struggle to win freedom from their colonizers, France and Great Britain, the attempts at secession by various groups in 1980 and finally the birth of Vanuatu on 20 July 1980.

Directed by Bob Kingsbury, the film was given as a gift by the Australian Government to celebrate Vanuatu’s first year of independence.

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3 Comments on “Video: 1981 documentary ‘Yumi Winim Fridom’, an historic record of the struggle for Vanuatu’s independence”

  1. Ingrid Todd says:

    Having spent 4 years in the islands, from 1962-1967, during which time one of our children was born on Iririki Island, I found this film a wonderful memory of times gone by.


  2. Joe, Kath Mulders says:

    For those who lived through that amazing period before Independence, it is of great historical value.
    Copies have been sent to all to all our old friends even to Ola Reeves in NZ. Delighted to see “old” faces such as Warren Stewart as a pilot of Air Melanesia in the Santo episode and Tabia Kalsakau on the island of Futuna with its difficult access.

    However, I only want to stress the fact that Port-Vila started to change considerably after 1969 with the start of Tourism as a major new industry when the Hotel le Lagon opened up with 25 bungalows. That was followed, as you know, by becoming an Off-shore Investment Centre and the opening of many banks, law and financial services which simply did not exist before.
    Well done.
    Best wishes,
    Joe Mulders


  3. atamani2012 says:

    urgently needing a sequel..esp on what has happened after Independence..