Air New Zealand, Qantas suspend all flights to Port Vila


Air New Zealand has suspended all flights to Port Vila’s Bauerfield International Airport, citing concerns over the deteriorating state of the runway.

Qantas has also followed suit, suspending their codeshare arrangement with Air Vanuatu this afternoon.

Both airlines will despatch safety experts over the weekend to assess the state of the runway.

Air New Zealand’s flight operations general manager said that the runway had been deteriorating for some time, and that Air New Zealand had “taken the difficult decision to suspend services before the situation became unsafe”, says a story published this afternoon on the Australian Financial Review‘s website


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  1. nasimal says:

    The warning concerning Bauerfield International Airport started in early 2013 and those who responsible for that Airport took no notice including politicians. The only responsibilities that they had was playing politics and removed people were responsible for job. I thought transport minister is responsible for AVL, but sometime he drink too much kava.

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