Voting proceeding smoothly, say observers; first unofficial results expected late tonight

Media reports from around the country suggest voting day today in the Vanuatu snap general election is proceeding smoothly. Polls opened at 7:30 and by midday there had been no suggestion of any disturbance anywhere. Members of the various observer teams have been posted to polling stations which all have groups of young party faithful standing by to make sure the act of free choice takes place as prescribed. Vanuatu has no history of voting day electoral violence and in any case police and members of the Vanuatu Mobile Force are on hand to prevent any unfortunate incidents. First unofficial results are expected during the evening.

The suspect remanded following the death of Vanuatu boxing’s “Golden Boy”, Philip Kating, has himself died whilst in custody. Police are investigating but there is no further news at this stage.

Thew 2017 SP Mini Games CEO, Joe Carlo, has said that information attributed to him concerning a delay in the date for the Games is not true. Only the Games Council can decide on the dates and a decision has not yet been taken.