Unofficial party tally – 2016 General Election

Unofficial count of seats won per party, 2016 Vanuatu General Election


Based on our own count, here’s the unofficial party tally for the 2016 Vanuatu General Election.

This is an unofficial result only. Vote counting is still taking place, so some figures may be incorrect. We will keep this tally updated as further results come in. Please credit Vanuatu Daily Digest when reposting.


Acronym Party Name No. of Seats
Ind Independent 10
GJP Graon mo Jastis Party 6
UMP Union of Moderates Party 6
VP Vanua’aku Party 6
IG Iauko Group 3
NAG Nagriamel 3
NUP National United Party 3
RMC Reunification Movement for Change 3
PPP People’s Progressive Party 2
VGC Vanuatu Green Confederation 2
LPV Leaders Party for Vanuatu 1
NAT Natatok 1
PSP People’s Services Party 1
VDP Vanuatu Democratic Party 1
VLP Vanuatu Labour Party 1
VNDP Vanuatu National Development Party 1
VPP Vanuatu Presidential Party 1
Undecided seat — Tannna (between GJP & IG) 1

2 Comments on “Unofficial party tally – 2016 General Election”

  1. Nasimal says:

    Early result say’s a lot about the new government, will create the old problems much more difficult . But please proof me wrong folks . Our freedom so called as Independent standing became a nightmare . There must be some legislation to stop these independent MPS to play musical chairs . My only advice is if you in the government , remember you are there for reason not for Minister but your constituents . If you in opposition bench be a good opposition to monitor the activities of the New Vanuatu Government . Thank you and pray our AHAYAH guide you to do the best you have given .