Urgent Government audits needed; debt to UN paid; Reunification for Change secures 22 seats

Statue outside Vanuatu's Parliament

Government finances must be reported on with the greatest urgency to the whole nation by the incoming government. Our newly elected representatives must only choose leaders from those amongst them who can explain the plight of the country which has seen airlines refusing to send their planes here because of the state of the international airport’s main runway. This crisis has emerged since the Caretaker Prime Minister assured us in pre-election campaigning on 15 January that Vanuatu is ending the financial year with the biggest fiscal surplus ever recorded in Vanuatu history. This occurred despite cyclone Pam and the much publicised Capital Immigration and Investment Plan – CIIP which Kilman said “failed miserably to meet its legal requirements contained under the signed agreement.”

Government has now committed VT 3 million to make good our debt to the United Nations which left us without the right to vote on matters of particular interest such as West Papua. VT 2 million was paid in May, Daily Post reports and the latest payment should cover arrears of USD30,399. The arithmetic begs further questions and a better answer to be given by Foreign Affairs.

Negotiations for a new government are underway the Reunification for Change political bloc’s Joe Natuman assures us. The Reunification grouping had secured 22 seats, Natuman pointed out. And as Vanua’aku Pati interim President and the candidate who scored highest on Tanna he carries a lot of support. “We will form a new government and our priority will be to carry out a political reform and rules governing motions of no confidence,” he promised a press conference yesterday.