Video: Tasteless Tusker promo plumbs new low in Vanuatu advertising

This has to be seen to be believed.

The video claims to be promoting Vanuatu’s national beer the 100% New Caledonian-owned beer brand Tusker, but it is more like a Port Vila bus driver’s fantasy brought to life: an attractive, skimpily-dressed foreign-seeming woman hails down a bus for a joyride around Efate — as the lone passenger, until, after a weird montage of spinning wheels and cigarette (?) smoking, she is joined by some random but conveniently picturesque young people and a conveniently picturesque, très authentique ukulele-playing uncle. Good times.

They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity, but we’re not convinced that’s entirely true – what do you think? Yu wantem bus ride?


4 Comments on “Video: Tasteless Tusker promo plumbs new low in Vanuatu advertising”

  1. nakimus says:

    nice soundtrack…if the target audience is foreigners it’s a great Vanuatu promotion but gives a false reality that jumping on a bus will lead to new friends and a safe passage. Nice production. Tres Francais…hence the New Caledonia ownership, right?


  2. Peter Wederell says:

    Lighten up Bob, I’m more interested in where they found a shiny bus without dents.


  3. Jim Francis says:

    I take it this is an advert for aluminium inserts for alloy wheels?