Virgin Australia pulls out; NBV offers interest-free loan to assist runway repair

The news is full of the Virgin Australia pull-out today, especially concentrating on a National Bank of Vanuatu offer to assist with financing re-surfacing Bauerfield Airport up to $1 million. It would be an interest free loan. Funds are immediately available. The failure of airport services gets comment from someone listening to the control tower radio this week, when clearance to take-off was requested by the Virgin pilot. No-one from the tower gave any answer.

The caretaker PM weighs in to the arguments about funding work at Bauerfield – but before the NBV offer was publicised. He complains of Daily Post reporting misguided editorial opinions from politically-biased newspapers. He concludes “The Daily Post should stop trying to play politics and leave it to the politicians.” He does, however, agree “the airport runway is an important, urgent and serious technical matter.” Air New Zealand, Virgin Australia and the travelling public can all agree on this and filling the potholes is probably not something we should have left to the politicians.

The Judicial Year opened this morning with the presence of the Head of State, Chief Justice and all concerned with the administration of justice in Vanuatu. It took place at the Presbyterian Church and Dumbea court house.