Video: 挑戰 第8集, The Hongkongers vs. the volcanoes of Ambrym

It’s Sunday afternoon, so it’s time for another outside perspective of Vanuatu, this week courtesy of Hong Kong Television Network’s ‘reality’ program ‘The Challenge‘ (‘挑戰’ in Cantonese).

In the program, a pair of HK TV presenters explore Ambrym’s volcanoes and ash plain, and get to enjoy some local hospitality (plus some giaman, made-for-TV kastom)!

The video is unsubtitled, so we’re not sure Google Translate quite nails it, but here’s Google’s translation of the show’s description:

“twelve television film crew arrived in Ambrym volcano island wildest airport, take the broken truck deep nearest active volcano tribes, tribal life experience the volcano, the locals enjoy traditional food Lap Lap, during is more mistake to break forbidden tribe, narrowly escaped attack, and finally get clan elders of the understanding of Heaven through black magic ritual, the elders also sent film crew to assist tribe to challenge volcano task deeply feel the spirit of helpful volcano nation.”

Thanks, volcano nation 瓦努阿圖!