ANZ customers troubled by suspicious transactions; MoU signed to form Govt; Noal digs up unsolved police cases

ANZ bank logoThe ANZ Banking Group has acknowledged that some ANZ customers have discovered suspicious transactions taking place on their accounts without their knowledge last weekend. Remedial action was undertaken immediately. Clients have been informed and everyone asked to keep a careful watch on their ANZ Access card use, especially those travelling.

Suspended senior police officer Jackson Noal, whose ten days of suspension ended a month ago, has started reporting

a series of police cases which have never been resolved by the Police Service Commission. He told Daily Post that his lawyer has received no response to questions concerning his own suspension. Such a situation has not been unusual at times when governments have changed.

A thousand bags of Thai rice have been shipped to the Malekula market and a second load of dry coconuts will come back to the capital on the same ship for the Cooperative Federation.

MoU was signed last night, as reported here yesterday. The MoU to form a government brings together the three biggest parties — VP, GJP and NUP, along with RMC and partners, and other MPs. It is a grouping of 11 political parties and a total of 36 MPs. They are all agreed that there is an urgent and paramount need for political reform to reduce instability in government – thereby reducing corruption, ensuring service delivery to the population and and restoring confidence, stability and growth in the country.

Arrangements concerning portfolios and other positions are now being decided upon in a way in which it is hoped political reform and enhanced development can be maintained over the four-year life of the Parliament beginning a week today.