Coalition negotiations in final phase; back to school for some; ‘first-ever’ livestock policy?

Cow, Tanna. Photo: Flickr user Carawah

Cow, Tanna. Photo: Flickr user Carawah

The 36 new MPs from 11 political parties are starting to close their negotiations today. The biggest parties are Vanua’aku Pati, Graon mo Jastis Pati, NUP and RMC. They are joined by smaller parties and Independents.

Schools opened their doors today for the first day of the first term 2016. Certain Luganville parents are said to still be waiting for news of their children being accepted for PNG scholarships this year. This followed delays to their studies last year. Radio Vanuatu was unable to obtain clarification from the Scholarships Office.

The Acting DG of Livestock has told Radio Vanuatu that the National Livestock Policy just released is the “first ever” such policy for livestock in Vanuatu. He denies the eloquent statements of former ministerial personnel in this regard in the press since the much vaunted launch last month. It is not easy to see why a “first ever” policy is so suddenly needed, especially since “cattle under coconuts” was already as good as a policy forty years ago when small-holder beef production was being introduced.

Former Finance Minister Simelum is anxious to give his version of the Bauerfield airport delays and does so on page 1 of the Daily Post today.

As recently from the Emten Lagoon there have been reports of rafts of dead fish from Pango village. Reef fish of all kinds were found floating in the shallows over the weekend. Explanations are being sought.