Vanuatu weather watch: Two cyclones possible by Thursday

Here’s a possible explanation for the intense heat of the last two weeks: some meteorological models are predicting up to two cyclones will form in Vanuatu waters by Thursday 11 February. The Global Forecast System (GFS) model used by maritime forecasting service shows this scenario for next Thursday: predicts a cyclone will form between Fiji and Vanuatu by Thursday

Meanwhile, New Zealand’s national meteorological service says there could even be two

different cyclones forming by Thursday, one on either side of the Vanuatu archipelago:

OUTLOOK TO 1200 UTC 11-Feb-2016
A low is expected to deepen between Vanuatu and Fiji during Tuesday and Wednesday and there is a moderate to high potential of this developing into a tropical cyclone by the end of Thursday. Another low south of the Solomon Islands may also deepen this week and has a moderate potential of developing into a tropical cyclone by the end of Thursday.

However, closer to home, Vanuatu Meteorological Services’s website currently says “there are no tropical lows or tropical cyclones within [the] Vanuatu area and none is expected to develop within the next five days”.

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