Weather update: high chance of two cyclones forming within 24hrs, says US Navy

US Navy/JWTC satellite image of TD09F, taken today

US Navy/JWTC satellite image of TD09F, taken today

Vanuatu’s own meteorological service is still low-key about the two potential cyclones near Vanuatu, and is not tracking the tropical depression between Solomon Islands and New Caledonia.

VMS says the chance of the other system, Tropical Disturbance 09F, turning into a cyclone is between 10% and 60% likely within 24 hours.

However, The US Navy’s Joint Typhoon Warning Center says that “the development of a significant cyclone within 24 hours is high” for both systems. TD09F is currently travelling in a south-easterly direction, several hundred kilometres east of Maewo.


JWTC satellite image of both systems, taken today

More concerning is what the GFS model is predicting, as shown in this outlook from predicted location of cyclones on Friday morning