New Govt committed to change, announces Cabinet; new Directors-General; bye bye Cyclone Winston

tufala saeklonGood news today: as we reported earlier, Cyclone Winston is slowly moving away from Vanuatu, to everyone’s great relief.

And the other good news is a government committed to change which the public quite clearly wanted. We gave you the details yesterday. Congratulations to Charlot Salwai (new PM) whose party is unwavering over the need for adaptation. And congratulations to those major parties ready to accept and promote change to accommodate a new political environment. The new Cabinet line-up is as follows:

Cabinet position Name Party
Prime Minister Hon. Charlot SALWAI Reunification Movement for Change
Deputy Prime Minister / Minister for Tourism, Trade, Commerce & Ni-Vanuatu Business Hon. Joe NATUMAN Vanua’aku Party
Minister for Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Forestry & Biosecurity Hon. Seremaia MATAI Independent
Minister for Meteorology, Climate Change, Adaptation, Energy and Natural Disasters Hon. Ham LINI National United Party
Minister for Education Hon. Jean-Pierre NIRUA Independent
Minister for Finance and Economic Management Hon. Gaetan PIKIOUNE Nagriamel Party
Minister for Foreign Affairs, International Co-operation & External Trade Hon. Bruno LEINGKONE National United Party
Minister for Health Hon. Toara DANIEL Vanuatu Green Confederation
Minister for Infrastructure & Public Utilities Hon. Jotham NAPAT Leaders’ Party of Vanuatu
Minister for Internal Affairs Hon. Alfred MAOH Graon mo Jastis Party
Minister for Justice & Community Services Hon. Ronald WARSAL Vanua’aku Party
Minister for Lands & Natural Resources Hon. Ralph REGENVANU Graon mo Jastis Party
Minister for Youth Development & Sports Hon. Nato TAIWIA Melanesian Progressive Party

Thirty-two MPs were together on Pele Island and supporting the candidacy of Charlot Salwai to become new Prime Minister of Vanuatu. Salwai heads the RMC grouping, GJP is led by Ralph Regenvanu, Joe Natuman presently heads the Vanua’aku Pati executive, and Ham Lini controls NUP. Independent MPs supported Jotham Napat in forming the new government.

UMP politically remains with the Iauko Group and some other MPs outside of the new coalition. This was seen in their position taking in the House yesterday.

The new Prime Minister has appointed five new Directors General. They are Jesse Benjamin for Climate Change, Johnson Binaru for Public Utilities, Cherol Ala for Internal Affairs, Letlet August for Finance and George Taleo for the Health Ministry. The Foreign Affairs DG position is to be re-advertised Radio Vanuatu advised this morning.

Daily Post today carries news of an earthworks contract signing for a new Correctional facility at Luganville. It will be located near the present site. Work is expected to be completed next year.

A new aerial ambulance is soon to make its way to Port Vila. The turboprop aircraft will have the assistance of Promedical staff for patient loading, unloading and treatment.


3 Comments on “New Govt committed to change, announces Cabinet; new Directors-General; bye bye Cyclone Winston”

  1. keren garae says:

    We people from Penama are Happy to hear that the PM is Penama citizen and that Joe Natuman is DPM. We feel that this time, maybe Vanuatu will sit on the right chair and do right. Anyway, congrats to all new MPs, ministers, dgs as well as new PM and deputy PM. We are hoping for the better. Thanks


    • Joses Seth says:

      The change must be translated into action which will impact the whole country. Congratulations to our new government. We the people want to see change!!!!


  2. Alcina Charlie says:

    Its all great news!! ☺ Avagudwkn!