Solved: Do you recognise this ni-Vanuatu girl from 1983?

Do you know this girl?

Do you know this girl?


Update: mystery solved! Thanks to some sleuthing by our community of readers, we’ve discovered that the 1983 picture is of June Keitadi, daughter of former assistant curator of the Vanuatu Kaljoral Senta Jack Keitadi. She now lives on Aneityum with her family.

In 1983, at Independence Park, Port Vila, this young ni-Vanuatu girl was photographed during the Nuclear-Free and Independent Pacific conference, protesting against France’s nuclear weapons testing on Muroroa Atoll, French Polynesia.

The girl is also featured on the front cover of New Zealand journalist and media educator’s David Robie‘s 2014 book – Don’t Spoil My Beautiful Face: Media, Mayhem and Human Rights in the Pacific. The placard she was holding at the time is the source of the book’s title.

The girl also appears in the video of the song Nuclear Free(video link below) by legendary Vanuatu string band Huarere (the girl can be seen at 1 minute and 8 seconds).

The girl would now be in her late thirties, and David Robie would love to know who she is and find out where she is today.


3 Comments on “Solved: Do you recognise this ni-Vanuatu girl from 1983?”

  1. David Robie says:

    Tank yu tumas! Thank you everybody — Gwen, Kirk, Selwyn and Bob — for helping me identify her. I have often wondered who she was and where she is today. She and her message inspired me for this 2014 book and its title. I hope to meet up some day later this year and to give her a copy of my book.


    • dailyvanuatu says:

      Yes, thanks to the Vanuatu Daily Digest community of readers for connecting the dots – and especially her family and friends who responded so quickly on social media. Bob will be back with his regular Daily Digest tomorrow.


  2. Selwyn Leodoro says:

    Her name is June Keitadi, Eldest daughter of Mr Jack Keitadi, first Curator of our cultural Center in Port Vila [with Mr Kirk Huffman] in the 1980s. She is now married and lives at home on Aneityum.