Vanuatu tax system under microscope; Kava still facing hurdles in Germany; MP donates salary to community


Kava… still being penalized in Germany. Photo: Forest & Kim Starr

Government is looking to achieve a greater revenue base through a complex examination of the taxation system at work in Vanuatu. PM Charlot Salwai said the reform must be a responsible one and not put a greater burden on those people who already find achieving a livelihood difficult. Government must also encourage private participation in the economy, Salwai told Radio Vanuatu News today, and public and private investments must benefit every level of society.

In other big news today, the German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) is still insisting on weekly liver function tests for kava users even though a Muenster court ruled in February 2015 upholding a Cologne court ruling of June 2014 that a ban on kava is inappropriate. A new court case is in preparation the German scientist and kava researcher Dr Mathias Schmidt, working for the Pacific Islands kava producing countries, has confirmed to Daily Post.

The new Opposition in Parliament is finalising its shadow cabinet and results are to be announced tomorrow morning. It is understood, however, from social media, that UMP MP Ishmael Kalsakau is the newly elected leader. The former PM, Sato Kilman, will be his deputy.

The Police Fraud Unit has discovered more cases of fraud appearing in people’s bank accounts. The ANZ Bank reported a client losing vt350,000 and another vt68,000. The banks and Fraud Unit are advising regular and meticulous checking by clients of their accounts.

The promise of Ambae MP Alickson Mera to give his full salary and MP allocation to chiefs in his area was fulfilled with the first government pay-day last week. The different nakamals of North Ambae are to benefit. The money is to assist chiefs to better carry out their work. His family expenses will come from his Third Deputy Speaker allowance, national radio reported.


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  1. Hayden tari says:

    Congratulations to the newly elected MP for Ambae Mr. Alickson Mera! New man, New vision of development. The easiest way to get re-elected is to govern well! Well done and keep on governing your people well. Go Alickson Go!!