MP Havo Molisale passes away in Santo

havo-molisaleLeader of Nagriamel movement, MP for Malo/Aore and 2nd Deputy Speaker of Parliament Havo Molisale has passed away this evening (Tuesday) in Santo, surrounded by friends and family.

He was Nagriamel’s first elected member of Parliament in 2008, a caretaker Foreign Minister in the preceding Kilman government and one of three successful Nagriamel candidates in the January 22 General Election.

His death will mean a by-election for the constituency of Malo/Aore in the near future. GJP’s candidate Uri Warawara was the runner-up in the constituency in the January 22 General Election.


One Comment on “MP Havo Molisale passes away in Santo”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Mes condoléances, il est vrai que la frontière de la vie est la mort. MP Moli est un homme bien souriant que Dieu réconfort son foyer et sa famille de la politique. Moli, que ton âme repose en paix.