Govt’s 100 Day Plan is here! Ship capsizes off Erromango with 13 on board; 30% of children under 5 stunted, survey finds


The ship LC Mahalia capsized north of Erromango en route Tanna this morning Radio Vanuatu News has just announced. It seems the vessel’s 13 personnel are safely in a life-boat and their rescue is being arranged. Mahalia was carrying materials for road works on Tanna.

Salvia Govt 100-Day Plan (PDF, 299kb)PM Charlot Salwai said the Government is looking to ways to increase Ni-Vanuatu participation in economic activity of the country in the launch of the 100 Day Plan on Friday. A review of the memberships of international organisations of which Vanuatu is a member is also one of the main items on the Plan, Radio Vanuatu News stated this morning. The de-centralisation plan of government is also to be reviewed. The Police Force is to be returned to Internal Affairs. The land law reform was also highlighted as extremely important. A national water strategy is to be established. Click here to download the complete 100-Day plan document (PDF, 299kb).

Daily Post this morning carries a photo of a fleet of new ministerial vehicles purchased by the Caretaker Government which are to be sold, the new Salwai Government states. Post also points out that the 100 Days Plan makes no mention of the possibility of pardons for those MPs in prison. “The 100 Days Plan is concerned with development.”

Radio Vanuatu News drew attention to an Opposition press conference which dealt with Public Service issues.

Daily Post today carries the alarming report that almost 30% of children under 5 have stunted growth, a Health survey has established. This is due to acute malnutrition. Louisa Tokon, Health Ministry nutritionist, told a workshop that there are good statistics for breast-feeding, but not enough meals a day are given to those of 6–23 months.

The new Government PRO is Hilaire Bule, veteran bilingual journalist, Vanuatu Indigenous Watch principal, Vila Times reporter and former Independent and VBTC senior staffer as well as RNZI correspondent.

Radio Vanuatu News also drew attention to an Opposition press conference which dealt with Public Service issues.

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