Illegal gratuities to bribery MPs, municipality under investigation; no Zika cases in Vanuatu

Howard Aru

Also: Vanuatu to host first-ever Pacific Week of Agriculture, says DG Min. Agriculture, Howard Aru. Photo: CTA ACP-EU

The Salwai Government is investigating the legality of the gratuity payments made to the 14 MPs in gaol. It is one of the activities of the 100 Day Plan. The Ministries of Finance and Justice are making the inquiries. Judge Chetwynd has already ruled that the defendants in the bribery matter ceased to be leaders on their dismissal and he said that persons responsible for ordering the payments must recover the monies, as reported previously in Daily Post.

The Opposition is urging an investigation into allegations of misuse of public funds by the municipality of Port Vila in the purchase of vehicles and expenses said to be on behalf of the UMP political party. The Leader of the Opposition, himself a UMP leader, says this kind of activity must stop. (Daily Post)

Daily Post also says Vanuatu will host next year’s inaugural Pacific Week of Agriculture during the first six months of 2017. The plan was set up in Rome at the offices of the FAO by DG of Agriculture Howard Aru and EU Ambassador Roy Mickey Joy.

The Acting CEO of NISCOL says a foreign CEO is being recruited. John Salong’s appointment was made immediately after the fire which destroyed the interior of the NISCOL offices, but he has said it is only temporary. He is there because of his connections with Santo people and has been trying hard to get official records re-established. He is stopping corrupt political practices within the stevedoring company.

There are currently no Zika virus cases in Vanuatu, says the Ministry of Health.