Local media commemorates anniversary of Cyclone Pam; violence against women highlighted by attack on tourism worker

The first anniversary of TC Pam has not gone unnoticed by the media. Radio Vanuatu has just completed a talkback show in which explanations for the food dumping from NDMO were at least understandable, but on their own admission they still have a lot to learn.

statement from PM Charlot Salwai concerning the recovery and economic strengthening phase and projects already underway with the new government watching (some 20 in all) only make it to page 9 of Daily Post. They are a cut-out-and-keep reminder to all journalists of excellent projects for such as curriculum materials, school reconstruction and recovery of water supplies. And many others. Best of all, the PM has appointed media heavyweight Johnny Koanapo, a parliamentary secretary, to speed up the recovery phase. And PM Salwai calls upon everyone to play his part. “Delays in the process of recovery and economic strengthening phase are not acceptable.”

Maybe the long PM statement was bumped from page one because of the story of a woman tourism official being both kidnapped and beaten by members of a certain public transport association for comments she made on Facebook concerning the behaviour of some public transport personnel. Her courage in reporting the incident and agreeing to have her wounded face photographed most likely meant the unavailability of the paper in the main street (except in shops) by 10 am. A vast number of tourists, few of them young, had arrived on a cruise vessel and were wandering the main street. “Local tour company employee beaten and forced to apologise to taxi, bus drivers” was bound to draw their attention. Ms Lengkon is commended for her bravery.

Daily Post suitably carries appropriate mention of how the International Red Cross, and Vanuatu’s along with Australia’s, New Zealand’s and France’s Red Cross organisations coped with a commendable 30% of the country’s TC Pam emergency relief at the time, assisting 39,915 people in Vanuatu. Radio Vanuatu paid a tribute to Red Cross assistance, and to its on-going networking at community level, bringing communities into disaster planning and training in a manner which governments have never made to work — both national and provincial. The networks will be concentrated on henceforth. And the Digest continues to insist there be expansions and improvement to the shortwave service of Radio Vanuatu. This could help all levels understand warnings and their dissemination.

This afternoon a ceremony takes place between President Londsdale and Prime Minister Salwai at the Sky Garden, Colardeau area, to enable the PM’s Office to move there during renovation works at the PMO.


One Comment on “Local media commemorates anniversary of Cyclone Pam; violence against women highlighted by attack on tourism worker”

  1. Pete says:

    Great they have some opening of the PM office while the illegal chinese builders fix his old office, but WHY SHUT THE ROAD? Some of us WORK and have to rush around with materials to keep boys working so they can feed their families etc etc. spend the time researching the BS about that hardworking girl of Vanuatu Helicopters, lets just do everything in our power to discourage tourism and investment. really struggling to stay positive..