PVELTA apologises for attack, sort of; Beautification plan for Luganville; Vt1M raised for Fiji

Artist's impression of the Luganville beautification. Photo: supplied

Artist’s impression of a planted median strip, part of the planned Luganville beautification.

The seven suspects in the kidnapping and violence case of the woman tourism official will appear in court on 31 March. The court has allowed them to remain outside custody but with severe conditions. The whole issue remains a strong one for a government committed to reform and has been with us for a long time. Ever since the Long Wah family tourism business began there have been those able to make more money from the use of public transportation for tourists than others, with jealousies then emerging. Political connections have existed between bus and taxi owners and MPs since before Independence, and these have fuelled the jealousies. As have political connections between the police who should supervise any dangerous area and politicians for the same length of time. Violence against women has been with us since time immemorial. And now, with a Port Vila Efate Land Transport Authority apology to Florence Lengkon, comes a complaint that social media are upsetting cultural identity. We all have great hopes for the present reform minded coalition which might finally resolve some of these issues with the same determination as did the Supreme Court where corruption was concerned.

Luganville has a beautification plan, too. Godwin Ligo reveals aspects of Luganville’s project to make the municipality more attractive to residents and visitors alike. The wide main street will be divided and have a median strip of shrubs, trees and flowers and Unity Park and the sea-wall will be beautified. An artist’s impression of the main street shows how much better it will look. Chairman of the Task Force, Rex Isaachar, says PWD is responsible for the road works and JICA is assisting with expertise to improve the other aspects of the renovation of the northern capital. A World War II museum is also planned. This will be a surefire tourism winner for the resting place of the President Coolidge and for Million Dollar Point.

The Ministry of Education has raised over a million vatu for Fiji students suffering from the effects of TC Winston. Many teachers and students in Vanuatu have contributed cash since the appeal was opened. Contributions can still be left with the Ministry in Port Vila “to respect the partnership we have with Fiji,” said Minister Jean-Pierre Nirua.

The Education Ministry has also settled payments for 51 retirees from the service the Ministry reports in today’s Daily Post.

VASANOC’s CEO Henry Tavoa is expressing its condolence at the loss of a great Ni-Vanuatu sportswoman, Leisale Mangawai. Leisale represented Vanuatu (the New Hebrides then) as an athlete at the 1969 Pacific Games in PNG. She ended her sporting career in netball as both athlete and official. She was President of the VNA in the mid to late 1990s and comes from a great sporting family – Jimmy representing Vanuatu in football and cricket and Kalpovi in football (also Director of Youth and Sports in the mid-1990s).

Reform in PNG might soon see voting for political parties rather than candidates in a move to strengthen parties and eliminate independent candidates. Today’s PNG Post Courier reports the Registrar of the Political Parties and Candidates discussing this with secondary school students at Kerema. The system is used regionally by Fiji and New Zealand and may well be considered by the Constitutional Review Committee here in Vanuatu given our difficulties with the Single Non-Transferable Vote (SNTV) system. Surveys concerning the new system for PNG are taking place in the provinces.


A group of Australian Volunteers for International Development (AVID) arrived in the country last month to assist in development work, VBTC News reported today. They work with local counterparts in education, health, tourism, or small business development. Women in Business is one of the main concerns. They are part of the Australian aid programme.


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    You forgot to mention PVELTA’s issue with gender equality that they mentioned in their statement too…