A world first – this Vanuatu public toilet has its own website!

The best public toilet in the South Pacific – Paunangisu, Vanuatu
How many public toilets can claim that they have their very own, dedicated website? Only this one, located in Paunangisu, North Efate! It what may well be a world first, this new public toilet facility has its own website at bestpublictoilet.org.

Billing itself as the “Best Public Toilet in the South Pacific”, the newly-opened WC even has its own marketing slogan: “It’s the place to GO when you need to GO”.

Paunangisu villagers and their new public toilet. Photo: bestpublictoilet.org

Paunangisu villagers with their new public toilet. Photo: bestpublictoilet.org

So, why does a public toilet need its own website or marketing slogan?, we hear you ask. The answer reveals the vision behind the project: by marketing it to tourists and tour operators and charging a small usage fee, the public toilet creates both a self-supporting physical base and seed money for future village tourism development projects.

After building a toilet stop-off point for tourists halfway around Efate, the logical next step is to create small local tourism business ventures around it, for example shops, restaurants and village tours, creating employment and income opportunities for Paunangisu villagers.

A partnership between the people of Paunangisu and the North Ringwood Uniting Church, in Victoria, Australia, the public toilet building has two male and two female toilets, plus one disabled toilet. It is also fitted with guttering and a 20,000 litre tank to allow the capture and storage of rainwater for use by the village.


2 Comments on “A world first – this Vanuatu public toilet has its own website!”

  1. Steven Carter says:

    Very clever! Even if the toilet only breaks even, it will be an unusual success in comparison to other toilets and produce rainwater. Everything after that is bonus.


  2. Diana says:

    Cant wait to use the loo. How exciting and enterprising – Diana