President : Vanuatu judicial system alive and strong; Education ministry urges parents to send their kids to school

Covered yesterday in Daily Post but also needing to be mentioned here: The President tells the Chief Justice how the judicial system is alive and strong in Vanuatu and he thanks Justice Lunabek for the services rendered to the nation in 2015 in this regard. This possibly needs to be stated and re-stated. It was a challenging year as the Head of State noted when appointing the new judge Paul Geoghegan, and President Lonsdale said he “looks forward to the continuous support and cooperation of the judiciary in upholding the nation’s justice system.”

A new X-ray machine has been handed over to Airports Vanuatu Limited (AVL) for use at Bauerfield International by NZ High Commissioner Georgina Roberts through the NZ AVSEC Pacific Security Fund. Getting properly back underway again at Bauerfield, following the nonsense of recent years, will be greatly appreciated by the traveling public – not that X-ray deficiency had anything to do with risks on the tarmac.

Education policy in Vanuatu indicates that children of 6 years should go to class 1. Statistics show that many of a higher age have not yet begun attending school so the Education Ministry is beginning a campaign to ensure youngsters of 6 begin their education at the correct age for starting to learn reading and writing and arithmetic.

Some Facebook accounts are alleged to be the responsibility of the Prime Minister. He has had to go to some length to make it known he has never had a Facebook account.

Yesterday, too, PWD Minister Jotham Napat made it clear the 101 large drums of tar formerly on Malekula were never shipped to that island for road works there. Nor were they re-directed to Tanna. They were simply intended for Vila for street work in the capital. Certainly today the roads in the capital have good coverage with a page 1 photo in the Daily Post of what’s going on in the seaside Kalsakau Drive.