Warning inadequate for Cyclone Zena; Vt2.5B shortfall for civil service retirement benefits

A tree blown over in East Santo by Cyclone Zena. Photo: Kevin Green

A tree blown over in East Santo by Cyclone Zena. Photo: Kevin Green

Santo community leader Kalo Nial today questions why there was never any serious national warning about tropical cyclone Zena which saw flooding and destruction of garden crops and some houses in the northern provinces of Vanuatu. Kalo said “From Luganville to East Santo there are many trees uprooted, including coconut trees, showing the strength of the wind.” In Torba Edgar Howard reported high damage to the breadfruit crop at a time when breadfruit is one of the main foods. One of the principal reasons the Digest keeps bleating on about inadequacy of warnings from the media is the one related to food security. It is so very important gardeners and farmers know when to prune back their manioc and banana gardens so that there is no loss of food. During the ‘Seventies, ‘Eighties and ‘Nineties it was always possible to predict the likely extreme danger path of a cyclone and give out all the relevant information so that people in advance of the destruction could arrange to save as much as possible of their food gardens rather than immediately become dependent upon overseas rice and tinned fish which would probably, any way, take some time to arrive.

The Salwai Government is attempting to make proper provision for civil servant retirement benefits. These are provided for by law. Vt 2.5 billion is currently needed, Finance Minister Pikioune revealed when at Malapoa College yesterday with Education Minister Nirua. Daily Post covered their attendance at the country’s leading anglophone secondary school. Government was also petitioned by students of Malapoa, VIT, Kawenu School and the Curriculum Unit to re-acquire Kawenu Field for its maintenance as a sports venue.

An Agri-Tourism Week will be held in the month of June and a task force led by Jack Lowane was recently launched by DPM and Trade Minister Joe Natuman. Two ministries are involved – Trade and Agriculture. The aim is to seek replacement of  imports with local production, Natuman said.

Last Friday and Saturday the Graon mo Jastis Pati held its third Elected Officials Meeting on Lelepa. As well as the 6 GJP MPs 14 of the the 17 councillors were present from the regions and towns. “Important resolutions were passed,” said President Ralph Regenvanu, “which will assist the growth of the party into the future.”


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  1. dailyvanuatu says:

    To be fair Bob, VMS did issue severe weather warnings about flooding and strong winds. Whether these were broadcast adequately is the real question, and one that the Government needs to address straight away.