Appeals Court judgements for MPs; Cattle restocked in provinces; Kastom as it was

Calves being restocked. Photo: Vanuatu Department of Livestock

Calves being restocked by ship. Photo: Vanuatu Department of Livestock

Late this afternoon will see the Appeals Court handing down judgement in the case of former MPs Willie Jimmy and Silas Yatan, the two having challenged the Leadership Code’s invocation as regards the charges made against them. All judgements in the Appeals Court are to be heard in this sitting of the Court.

Radio Vanuatu News began today with the interesting information that the Dept. of Livestock is to begin this month sending calves to the islands of Malampa and Tafea. This is to increase the herd size. Lonnie Bong, Director, pointed out there would be restocking first at Aneityum, Tanna and Erromango. In Malampa there would be more places where young breeders would be deposited, on Malekula, Ambrym and Paama.

Intentional assault is the main offence in Southern Region it has been revealed following a report of the Police Commander South, Willie Samuel. He was addressing the Minister for Internal Affairs, Alfred Maoh, concerning crime in his area. The Minister has been seeking a great deal of information about the uniformed services and crime, together with senior police officials.

The Namatan Short Film Festival was opened for 2016 by the Australian High Commission and the Namatan Team yesterday. It has been running since 2014.

And the Cultural Centre has begun showing kastom as it was. Lelepa has recreated a tamtam and canoe as they would have been in the times of Roimata. And Aniwa has opened a traditional Aniwa safe house for use in hurricane times, reports Daily Post.