Election recount for Efate; Air Vanuatu Board terminated; money missing in provinces

Air Vanuatu's new 737-800

Daily Post says there will be an “Election recount”, as evidence has been produced to suggests that the Efate results may be equivocal. Certainly they are close, Minister Taiwia receiving 840 and GJP’s Gillion William, 831, which was disputed and a recount held last week. GJP will make submissions to the Court.

With the backing of DPM / Trade Minister Natuman and Finance Minister Pikioune, PM Salwai and company shareholders have terminated the Air Vanuatu Board. Acting CEO Laloyer was advised. All was done in accordance with the Companies Act and the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the airline.

Police Chief of Staff Karlshem Bongram is reporting 295 existing vacancies in the uniformed services (Police,VMF and Maritime Wing). The CoS says it comes down to population increase, and the figures he gives need close scrutiny. Tanna and Pentecost have had to have deployments because of insufficient police in their provinces.

The PM gave instructions to ensure provincial funds reach their destination. Agreed developments have been missing funds because of financial impropriety. The instructions are to insure everyone from ministerial administration to provincial and departmental administration accounts for all funding and reports officially. Health and Education are affected.

Vanuatu is to regulate NGOs under proposed legislation. There has been no register of NGOs even though over a hundred are said to be operating. VANGO has totally collapsed, but holds the Vanuatu position in the regional body PIANGO which collaborates with other national bodies in the region. DG Cherol Ala has assisted Internal Affairs Minister Maoh in decisions concerning VANGO.