Happy Earth Day! Vanuatu signs Paris Agreement on Climate Change

Earth Day

Prime Minister Charlot Salwai is at the United Nations General Assembly in New York for a meeting of the UN Conference on Climate Change. He will be signing the Paris Agreement today, Earth Day. This follows the COP 21 decisions taken in Paris. Over 160 countries’ leaders are expected to sign the Agreement and have been meeting since Monday. Radio Vanuatu News has reported the presence of the PM’s small delegation at the UN Secretariat. French President François Hollande is present and a video message was sent by the Co-President of the COP 21 talks, Ségolene Royal. The ceremony to mark the signing of the Agreement ends today.

Daily Post leads with the return by the Malvatumauri President of the pigs given by chiefs representing the 14 imprisoned MPs. The move is in an attempt by the chiefs to have the Malvatumauri and its President Chief Seni Mao Tirsupe try to assist their moves to have the detained 14 former MPs (who were convicted of bribery) released. However, a meeting of 22 members of the Malvatumauri representing 20 island chiefly councils and 2 from the town chiefs’ councils took the management decision to return the pigs (which have been looked after at Montmartre) whilst the matter proceeds.

Daily Post also reports that convict and President of UMP political party Rialuth Serge Vohor seeing his appointment of his deputy as Acting President (Ely Bong) being rejected by certain party supporters. He appointed his deputy as Acting National President with effect from 18 April for the UMP National Congress on Ambrym in May. However, Jacques Meriango told Post that during the last UMP Congress at Eratap, he, Meriango, was chosen by UMP’s National Council to undertake the leadership responsibilities should the President (Vohor) not be available. Daily Post has a photo of the Leader of the Opposition congratulating Bong.

Consultations have begun as regards the separation of the Police and VMF which Daily Post reports today.


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  1. Rowan Downing QC says:

    Vanuatu leads again!!!! A wonderful country and able to provide an example to most others in so many ways!!