Maximum sentences increased to life for some serious crimes; work begins on Bauerfield airport second phase

One of Port Vila's correctional centres. Photo: Flickr/mikecogh

One of Port Vila’s correctional centres. Photo: Flickr/mikecogh

Government is increasing maximum sentences for crimes such as incest, rape and abduction to lifetime imprisonment. Justice Minister Raymond Warsal made this clear after meeting with staff of the Women’s Affairs Department. The government is seeking to have the necessary amendments made to the penal code and the matter has been discussed with the Public Prosecutor. (Radio Vanuatu)

Government has begun work now on the second phase of the rehabilitation work for Bauerfield airport. The Vanuatu Project Management Unit said that Minister Jotham Napat had prepared a paper for the Council of Ministers (COM) detailing the next phase of the Bauerfield renovation for which government is responsible and this includes enabling the airport to receive A330, A350, B777 and B787 planes at least once every two weeks. The government will discuss with the World Bank a financial proposal to have a full Code E runway at Bauerfield.

Education Service Director Roy Obed says the Education Ministry is seeking a move away from appointing principals as managers in a shift towards greater leadership skills. He was addressing a group of education professionals involved in standards required of principals.

Prime Minister Salwai is leading a march tomorrow morning in support of World Press Freedom Day. Chantilly’s resort is the start point for the march which ends at the green space adjacent to the central market where there will be a workshop on press release writing and speeches throughout the day. BuzzFM will broadcast their Coffee and Controversy discussion around press freedom from 9–10 and the PM’s public relations officer Hilaire Bule will be there and also on Radio Vanuatu at 1:45pm.


2 Comments on “Maximum sentences increased to life for some serious crimes; work begins on Bauerfield airport second phase”

  1. Morris says:

    Please minister, it is better you build a nice jail for the detainee rather than imposing heavy punishment on them. They are just humans like you.


  2. Morris says:

    The words given by state minister of Justice needs a lot of viewing because of some of our values. Just by entering the women’s affairs and then making that comment is not logical.
    Women’s affairs need to do more then sit back and complain to our leaders. Before our leaders make changes to our Laws, let authorities concerned make changes and impact the society.