Port Vila resorts re-opening after Cyclone Pam renovations; China donates water tanks for El Niño

Iririki Island

Iririki Island resort… re-opening tomorrow. Photo: supplied

Daily Post today gives headlines over to two older resorts in the capital nearing the end of their renovation efforts. Tourism is getting a boost with the re-opening tomorrow of Iririki island Resort after a Vt1.6 billion make-over. Rooms and roads on the island have all been renovated after the damage caused by TC Pam and the hotel kitchen has been renewed. Solar power is being installed. The Holiday Inn is also looking forward to a re-opening a little later. It was forced to put off 140 employees, keeping only 29 to help with the renovations. However, now some 70% of former Holiday Inn staff are being taken back. A massive training and re-training exercise has been proceeding at the resort.

Chinese Ambassador Liu Quan has handed over to Prime Minister Salwai some 60 water tanks to help those people affected by water shortage owing to El Niño. The request was made at the height of the El Niño season. Each tank has a capacity of 6,000 litres. (Daily Post)

The civil society grouping which has been making recommendations in Port Vila concerning West Papua’s membership of the MSG has forwarded its Owen Hall Communique to the Acting Director General of the MSG for the Summit of the MSG to take place in Port Vila at a later date. The meeting at the Presbyterian Church in Port Vila insists West Papua should be brought in to the MSG and Indonesia removed. Pastor Alan Nafuki of the United Liberation Movement told Radio Vanuatu that the struggle of the people of West Papua is recognized in what is said in the Owen Hall Communique. He pointed out that over 1,700 people have been arrested at this time—presently—in West Papua. The committee is pleased with the outcome of their meeting, Monday and Tuesday, in Port Vila.

The work taking place on the drainage system along Kalsakau Drive in the capital is covered by the Pollution Act, the Public Health Act and Environmental Management and Conservation Act. Therefore no private waste water systems in the buildings which front the drive are permitted to empty into it, VBTC News wanted to point out this morning. Septic and waste water systems may not be connected the Town Clerk pointed out. The new system is a flood water drainage system. (Radio Vanuatu)