Virgin Australia to resume flying to Port Vila from May 23; Vanuatu to host Forum Fisheries Agency ministerial meeting this July

Virgin Australia resumes Port Vila route

We’ve had Labour Day, Ascension Day and World Press Freedom Day this week and now it is time to wish everyone happy Anti-Corruption Day! Prime Minister Salwai has addressed the public on the issue and will be reported in the Digest.

Virgin Australia Airlines has written to the Minister for Public Works saying they will resume operations into Port Vila from May 23. This follows the successful completion of the works on re-surfacing the runways of Bauerfield airport. Minister Napat told the many attending the celebration activities that government was looking to extend the tourism market beyond the originally intended traditional market which is why the upgrade to Pekoa, Santo, is now planned and the upgrade on Bauerfield agreed by the Council of Ministers. Bauerfield could then accommodate Boeing 787s and Airbus A330 aircraft. Airports Vanuatu CEO Jason Rakau congratulated Fulton Hogan contractors for getting the runway repairs completed on time. Air New Zealand has indicated it will only resume flights when the upgrade (phase 2) is completed. However, Minister Napat hopes their decision might be able to be reversed and has entered into discussions with the airline and New Zealand High Commissioner. (Daily Post)

Ports and Harbours has installed two entrance lights at Emua wharf, to guide shipping using the facility at night. There is a plan to make similar installations at other wharves away from the main centres. (Radio Vanuatu News)

Vanuatu will be hosting its first Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA) annual ministerial meeting in 17 years in July and is about to welcome its pre-Forum delegates here now, Daily Post explains today. Off-shore fisheries issues are amongst the most important items on the agenda and this will likely see IUU (illegal, unreported and unregulated) activities on the agenda. Vanuatu seems to have been organizing a crackdown on such activities.


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  1. Great news but I believe Air New Zealand have part ownership of Virgin, if so why are they also not returning. Compared to many airports in the South Pacific Port Vila Bauerfield Airport is deemed by many world class and very safe. Come on Kiwis!! Please put pressure on your national carrier to return to this island paradise. By doing so you are supporting many Ni-Vanuatu in their businesses, mamas that sell their fresh produce, local fishermen and many investors who call Vanuatu their home.