Tourism good news continues; regional fisheries meeting next week at Iririki

La cascade, Mele. Photo: Vanuatu Tourism

La cascade, Mele. Photo: Vanuatu Tourism

The weekend media is full of the good news coming tourism’s way with the completion of the airport runway repairs, government taking the Bauerfield planning to Code E long haul requirements, and the re-opening of the Iririki Resort, now with a casino, and soon Holiday Inn open again. And then there is the planning for Pekoa International airport, Santo, to accommodate long-haul flights. Everyone is saying complimentary things, from the airlines to investors’ organisations, from the VTO to AVL to the Director of the Civil Aviation Authority. And even though Air New Zealand still awaits the Phase 2 of the rehabilitation efforts, New Zealand High Commissioner Georgina Roberts is checking whether the NZ flag carrier might change its mind—to an earlier re-start.

And our first big and important meeting gets underway Monday with the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA) meeting all next week on Iririki. Founded in 1979, the FFA says regional cooperation has ensured the sustainable use of tuna as a multi-billion dollar earner for the livelihoods of Pacific peoples. Emerging offshore fisheries, the monitoring and compliance programmes, onshore development support, catch documentation and seafood quality are all topics on the agenda of the representatives of the 17 member countries. Vanuatu hosts the FFA this year. The preliminary committee meeting said the FFA’s meeting this year here provides a “welcome opportunity for the entire region to have a close-up understanding of fisheries in Vanuatu, especially in the light of the regional Future of Fisheries Roadmap and new report cards for coastal and offshore fisheries endorsed by Pacific leaders in 2015. (Daily Post)

G-plated vehicles are being impounded, The Independent reports, if being found operating against the rules for the particular vehicle. The police are stopping such vehicles when improperly used after working hours.