Minister for Fisheries calls for Pacific solidarity against illegal fishing

A Chinese fishing boat flying a Vanuatu flag of convenience

Vanuatu’s Minister for Fisheries Matai Seremiah has called on members of the Forum Fisheries Agency to maintain the regional solidarity of the FFA as regards the tuna resources of the Pacific. He was giving the opening address of the FFA 98th Forum Fisheries Committee meeting at Iririki Island Resort yesterday. “To continue to enjoy this benefit into the future, it requires a continuous commitment to improve and strengthen our management measures,” he added. He pointed out, too, that “establishing monitoring mechanisms will assist to prevent, deter and eliminate Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated (IUU) fishing activities, and remains the region’s long term plan to ensure maximisation and sustainability.” (Daily Post)

The Department of Livestock is tomorrow launching the Year of the Small-holder Farmer and of the Small Livestock Farmer. The event will take place at Rentabau and indicates, the Department says, the government’s acknowledgement of the importance of both categories of primary produce endeavour. Much hard work has gone into the livestock sector, says Director Bong. Schools are also being encouraged to take part in activities through the year to promote small holder farming and Ambrym and Paama’s school participation is noted by Radio Vanuatu.

The sandalwood harvesting season opens on 16 May and closes on 15 August, the Ministry of Agriculture also advises through Radio Vanuatu today.

Residents and custom owners of the Second Lagoon, Port Vila, are demanding an EIA for a bridge a developer plans for the western end of the lagoon, which would cross the lagoon where it is not very wide. Work has continued on dumping loads of quarry material on the property after the forest formerly on the land was removed. It has now been pointed out that a survey marker for the property has been moved to well below the high water mark. Residents and custom owners are concerned that major works will interfere with the tidal flows into and out of the lagoon and that there may be intended cutting down of a fine mangrove stand important for the fish breeding which goes on in the area. Residents and custom owners want the public meeting (which is needed to give permission for any such development to be undertaken) to be held soon. Today’s Daily Post lists places where the petition can be located for those wanting to sign.


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