Vanuatu Govt lists achievements after 100 days in office: “this Government is here to work”, says PM


The Salwai Government’s first 100 days in power: stable government is providing momentum for action

The achievement of a number of ministries completing 80% of the items in the Government’s 100 Days Plan are indeed remarkable, as suggested yesterday. PM Charlot Salwai Tabimasmas launched the 100 Days Plan, a list of medium-term objectives for the next two years and a long-term wish list for the remainder of his Government’s term on February 26. The ministries which have achieved 80% are his own, and those of the Finance Minister, Foreign Affairs, Public Works, Internal Affairs and Lands. “This Government is here to work” PM Salwai promised, “and we have been very clear with our objectives in the beginning when we were negotiating the Government that what we want to achieve must be clear to all of us.”

MPs have been appointed into different taskforces “so there is now a good blend of technical officials and political will needed to drive Government policy,” the media was told. And so to the headlining details…

PM Charlot Salwai

PM Charlot Salwai

The PM considered the changes made at VBTC “immense,” with the new Board already indicating that Radio Vanuatu is heard in most islands – more on that below. Proposals for political and constitutional reforms are underway to strengthen governance and reduce political instability and motions of no-confidence. A Bill will need to go before Parliament. Post-Cyclone Pam reconstruction work was said to be making great progress. Projects have been signed off for Health, Agriculture, Tourism, water projects and Education. Ministries are urging speedy implementation in cyclone-affected areas following a decision of the Council of Ministers (COM). The zero pothole policy in the two big towns has worked well, and Port Vila Beautification, Beverly Hills road project, Port Vila Urban Development project, Lapetasi and Luganville wharf developments are well underway. MIPU is working on the three new local airports. Foreign Affairs postings, where there are vacancies, are being filled, and the Foreign Service Act being amended. PACER is being studied more closely. The Police have been transferred to Home Affairs and revenue raising plans established for 2017. The land issues for Whitegrass and Pekoa airports are being assessed to ensure acquisition is in the public interest. Lands has seen five negotiator certificates being released and the Attorney-General is working on others awaiting clearance. Land acquisition for Saratamata and certain primary schools is ready to go before the COM.

“I am very pleased indeed to note that the Ministers of this Government have worked hard in the first three months of coming into power,” PM Salwai said, and he commended Ministers, MPs, DGs and Directors for their efforts. “The people elected us, and they need to know what we are doing.” (Daily Post, yesterday)

Daily Post yesterday also reported Vt 22 million of reconstruction at Montmartre completed, the gift of Minister Toara Daniel of an ambulance for South Malekula. Both Daily Post and Radio Vanuatu have reported the death of Chief Kalontas Andrew Popovi of Tanoliu Village in West Efate. He was secretary of the Havannah Land and Sea Transport Association and well respected in the west, north and east of Efate.

Vanuatu’s second ICT Day continues today and discussions can be heard through Radio Vanuatu and viewed live on Youtube here.

Radio Vanuatu reports today that VBTC has met the 100 Days Plan of Government to ensure Radio Vanuatu reaches all the islands in the Group. The General Manager of the Corporation, Fred Vurobaravu, confirmed this coverage in a press conference on Monday afternoon. He congratulated the technical and financial staff of VBTC for their hard work and assured the PM that for the last month all parts of the Group were receiving the national radio station with last faults in shortwave transmitters repaired. Certain radio receivers with limitations in shortwave frequencies are now being considered for a Vanuatu importation ban, their frequencies being unsuitable for both VBTC frequencies. These are radio which are cheaper and intended for other distribution areas. VBTC will, nevertheless improve its FM network throughout the country, Vurobaravu said. VBTC will continue to work with its partners to roll out the network, he added, so that FM100 is available throughout the country.

More good news for Vanuatu broadcasting came from New Zealand last night with the Vanuatu launch of Pasifika TV — more on that tomorrow here. Quality TV broadcasting is assured in news and first-rate sports and entertainment programmes from the Pacific region.

Daily Post today reports the PM calling on people to to embrace the ICT Day theme “ICT entrepreneurship for social impact” as covered in the Digest yesterday. And Daily Post also covers three men receiving suspended sentence for false imprisonment of a 20-year-old teacher was was stripped half-naked, kicked, humiliated and dragged face down until unconscious. She had refused to marry one of the three.


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  1. Sue says:

    Your last item of news is an appalling reflection on the way in which women and violence against them is treated. A suspended sentence makes a mockery of any policy statements by government to fight violence against women in Vanuatu