Level 1 Volcanic Alert for Vanua Lava volcano; By-election for Malo/Aore on 29 June

Image of Vanua Lava taken from 398km above the Earth. Suratamata is at the top centre. Photo: NASA

Image of Vanua Lava taken in 2003 from 398km above the Earth. Suratamatai is at top centre. Photo: NASA

The Vanuatu Geohazards Observatory (VGO) has issued a Level 1 Volcanic Alert warning for Vanua Lava because of increased activity and gas around the volcano and terraces. The last eruption on the island by the Suretamatai volcano took place in 1966, according to VGO. Radio Vanuatu this morning drew attention to the continuing Level 1 Volcanic Alert for Mt Garet on Gaua. A Level 1 warning has been in place there since December 2011.

The by-election for Malo/Aore is now scheduled for 29 June. Three individuals have declared candidacy which came about as the result of the death of the previous sitting MP, Havao Moli. (Daily Post)

The Ministry of Justice has found that certain laws of Vanuatu are inconsistent with the rights of people with disability as expressed in United Nations conventions. These laws are being considered for adjustment along with the heavier sentencing amending the Penal Code for sexual offences. This will ensure better protection of vulnerable people and is consistent with the Ministry’s concern to update Vanuatu’s legislation to current practice worldwide. (Radio Vanuatu)

The Iauko Group political party with no sitting MP presently says it still exists. Two party leaders who did not wish to be identified made this clear after the defection of two of their number who are elected MPs to the UMP grouping was announced last week. (Daily Post)

A new concrete market house has been created at Torba by 22 TVET and VIT trained men from the island. One member of the team is disabled. The market house for Sola will assist those with produce to sell, fishermen and farmers, and businesses with services on offer to make themselves better known. (Daily Post)


4 Comments on “Level 1 Volcanic Alert for Vanua Lava volcano; By-election for Malo/Aore on 29 June”

  1. Maria says:

    Malo/Aore by-election 29 June. Any info on the names of the 3 candidates?


  2. Sue says:

    Laws which discriminate. Good to see the Ministry of Justice is thinking of doing something about discriminatory laws. A full survey of Vanuatu legislation to check compliance with CEDAW was undertaken with Canadian funding in 1999/2000 and provisions which needed changing identified. Perhaps that could be revisited too asking side laws that discriminate against people with disability